Personal Anti Choking Device

Personal Anti Choking Device – Protection for every life stage.  Easy to use on yourself in a choking emergency as it is to use on someone else.

Personal Anti Choking Device

Personal Anti Choking Device

  • FDA CLASS 1 LIFE SAVING MEDICAL DEVICE – The Dechoker is engineered with only FDA-approved materials and is ISO3485 compliant. As the authority on anti choking procedures, this life saving, choke prevention device is being endorsed by more and more doctors and medical professionals.
  • SAFE & WILL NOT CAUSE HARM – This first aid device rests on top of the tongue and then uses targeted powerful suction to dislodge blockage from the airway in seconds. Unlike the Heimlich maneuver or plunger vacuum choking devices, if used properly this method will not cause harm.
  • QUICK AND EASY TO USE – This medical device is the most effective way to help someone in a life-saving event and can be used for choking emergencies on anyone ages 1+ regardless of illness, disorder, medical, or other health-related reasons. Requiring minimal training, it can be safely self-administered and comes with easy step-by-step guidelines for use.
  • FOR EVERY HOME OR BUSINESS – A choking death occurs every two hours. Add peace of mind and protect your friends and family with this rescue device. Whether you own a restaurant, run an office, or run a home, don’t be left unprotected. The sleek compact design allows you to store with your first aid kit or even a travel bag for portable, everyday preparedness.

Some Fast Facts

  • 3rd Leading Cause of Accidental Death for Toddlers
  • 4th Leading Cause of Accidental Death for Adults
  • 3rd Leading Cause of Accidental Death for Elderly (65+)
  • Every Two Hours, here in the U.S., an otherwise healthy toddler, child or adult dies from choking on something.

Be Prepared – Personal Anti Choking Device

Personal Anti Choking Device

The Dechoker uses powerful suction to remove food from the airway. It works in seconds and is easy to use on yourself or someone else. Registered as an FDA Class 1 medical device, the Dechoker is manufactured ISO 13485 compliant. The Dechoker for Homes and Personal Use requires no paperwork or prescription and little to no training to use

The Dechoker is easy to use and can even be used if you are alone. The Dechoker can give you the piece of mind you need to be there for your family, co-workers and wherever your help might be needed. Every home and family vehicle should have one!

If you are with a Federal, State, Local, and/ or Educational entity, please contact Global-Tec Enterprises, Inc. Directly:

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