Dechoker Device – Order With Confidence

Order the Dechoker Device with confidence from GTE – Class I Medical Device registered with the FDA – Beware of imitations – Order from GTE and save.

Dechoker Device – Order With Confidence

Dechoker Device at GTE

The Dechoker Device for choking emergencies comes in three sizes – Toddler, Child and Adult – Choking causes thousands of deaths every year. Get the Dechoker now.

The Dechoker is a revolutionary device and is easy to use, even on yourself, with little to no training.

Registered with the FDA as a Class I medical device, the Dechoker is also manufactured ISO13485 compliant.

The Dechoker Device Highlights 

Dechoker Device - Order The Dechoker Device With Confidence

  • FDA Registered
  • Class 1 Medical Device
  • ISO13485 compliant
  • Works in Seconds
  • Little to No Training – No Certification Required

Choking Facts

  • 4th Leading Cause of Accidental Death in Adults
  • 3rd Leading Cause of Accidental Death in Children
  • Choking Causes More Deaths Than Fires or Drowning
  • Every 2 Hours Someone Chokes to Death

Choking First Aid – Seconds Count

  • Dechoker at GTE - dechoker for community centers - EMS takes to long - seconds count0-4 minutes: Brain Damage Unlikely
  • 4-6 minutes: Brain Damage Possible
  • 6-10 minutes: Brain Damage Likely
  • 10+ minutes: Probable Brain Death

And with the average EMT response rate in the US at an average of 9.5 minutes, it’s pretty easy to understand why having the dechoker device within reach is so important.

Solution – The Genuine Dechoker Device 

The Dechoker Device quickly applies negative pressure to the airway to suck out whatever debris or fluid that is blocking their breathing.

You simply place the face mask over the mouth of the choking person and pull quickly on the tab in the back. The vacuum the Dechoker creates then motivates the lodged item to move toward (and into) the device. It can be used by small people on large ones, large people on small or frail ones, or even by struggling choking victim on themselves.

The best part is there is no way for anyone to accidently push the debris farther down, because it employs a one-way valve. And it’s easy and simple to use with no certification classes to attend.

Registered with the FDA a a medical device, the Dechoker is available for purchase by anyone, and is a first-aid kit essential.

Dechoker Device - Family Safety

The Dechoker Device – 3 Sizes for Every Life Stage

There are also millions of individuals with special medical conditions that increase the risk of choking, such as those suffering from asthma, dysphagia, swallowing disorders, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, etc.

And toddlers seem to think if they can pick something up, it belongs in their mouth.

The Dechoker Device helps complement the Heimlich maneuver, which can not be effective on many occasions, either because of lack of specialized personnel or because of intrinsic limitations to those affected, especially pregnant women, the elderly, obese people and small children/toddlers. 

It’s easy to use and effective.

If you are with a Federal, State, Local, and/or Educational entity, please contact Global-Tec Enterprises, Inc. Directly:

(561) 432-1746

Order Your Dechoker Today!


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