Dechoker Anti-Choking Device

According to Injury Facts 2017, with over 5000 deaths a year, choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional injury death. Be Prepared with the Dechoker Anti-Choking Device.

Dechoker Anti-Choking Device

The Dechoker Anti-Choking Device. - GTE

A person who can't cough, speak or breathe, however, needs immediate help.


The Dechoker is a life saving device which can be used for choking first aid on anyone, regardless of age, illness, disorder, or other health-related condition. With little training, a parent can use a Dechoker on their child to prevent an accidental choking death.

Changing the way people respond in a choking emergency, the Dechoker first aid device, can be used to save lives in every community gathering place, first responder kit, restaurant, health care facility, school, business, sports venue, and most importantly, in the home.

A leading cause of death in children - Recently a 2 year old died in a crowded supermarket after choking on a grape in the produce section.

Choking First Aid for Toddlers - The dechoker anti-choking deviceONE CHILD

A choking death occurs


Visits to the ER for choking


Dechoker Anti-Choking Device - Saves Lives

  • The Dechoker Anti-Choking DeviceThe Dechocker is a simple, high quality, medical device registered with the FDA to stop a choking emergency.
  • The operation is intuitive with sizes made for toddlers, children, and adults.
  • Having a Dechoker readily available at home or work could divert a tragic event.
  • The Dechoker is changing the way people respond to a choking emergency.
  • Make the Dechoker a part of your first aid kit today!

Almost twice as many people choke to death than drowning deaths. Make the Dechoker your lifeguard! 

The Dechoker comes in three sizes designed to help an adult, child, or toddler in the case of a choking emergency. Whether you're concerned about protecting your family members, employees, clients, patients, or students, we have a solution for you.

The Dechoker For Toddlers

The Dechoker for Children

The Dechoker for Adults

The Dechoker device quickly applies negative pressure to the airway to suck out whatever debris or fluid that is blocking their breathing.

The Dechoker Anti Choking Device For Family Safety

You simply place the face mask over the mouth of the choking person and pull quickly on the tab in the back. The vacuum the Dechoker motivates the lodged item to move toward the device. It can be used by small people on large ones, large people on small or frail ones, or even by struggling choking victim on themselves.

The best part is there is no way for anyone to accidently push the debris farther down, because it employs a one-way valve. And it’s easy and simple to use with no certification classes to attend.

The Dechoker Anti-Choking Device is easy to use, affordable and effective.

The Dechoker comes in 3 sizes, Toddler, Child and Adult.

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